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CFCU's Online Bill Pay allows you to have control over your monthly bill payments. Pay all of your bills conveniently from one secure site. What could be easier than that? When you schedule a payment, Online Bill Pay will automatically calculate the earliest available payment date based on the payee's processing capabilities. Your payment could be made as soon as today if you're in a pinch**, or tomorrow based on your payee's processing capabilities. (It may take up to four days for some payees to receive payments depending on their processing capabilities.)

Features & Benefits:

  • Pay any bill, anytime.
  • Receive full bills from a list of merchants with e-bill.
  • Schedule one-time and recurring payments, days, weeks or months in advance.
  • Make same-day payments (based on payee availability).
  • Add a Quick Pay Widget in U@Home Online Banking for fast payments.
  • Be assured that your payments will arrive on time. We guarantee it!*
  • Make External Transfers to accounts at other financial institutions
  • Make Person to Person payments with PopMoney

Please Note: If your payment goes out as a check, the checks get mailed up to 4 days in advance of the payment date you select in order to ensure your payment arrives on time. This means if there is a chance the check could arrive prior to the date you select and be cashed. For this reason, if your payment goes by check, you should be prepared for the payment to clear your account up to 3 days prior to the date you select.

*As long as you schedule the transaction in accordance with Online Bill Pay's guidelines.

**Same day payments can be made for a fee of $9.95. Overnight payments for payees that do not accept electronic payments (paper check payments) can be done for a fee of $14.95.

+Refer to our fee schedule for monthly bill pay fees.

Transfer Money to Outside Institutions

You can make transfers to outside institutions conveniently, 24 hours a day, right inside of U@Home Online Banking! So next time you need to get money here or there, use CFCU to take control of your finances!

Features & Benefits

  • Transfer funds to and from your accounts at other financial institutions to your accounts here
  • Transfer funds directly online
  • Pay your CFCU loan from an External Account (Must transfer funds to a Savings/Checking account first and then transfer to make your loan payment)
  • Make one-time transfers or set up recurring transfers
  • Make faster transfers with processing until 5 p.m. EST to be considered part of the current business day. Transfers process on the next business day.
  • You can cancel your own transfers instead of having to call. There is a convenient "Cancel" option noted next to the transaction in your transfer history. (NOTE: The transaction must be in a "Pending" status in order to cancel.  Once it has moved to "Processing", you will not be able to cancel.)
  • Receive email reminders for scheduled transfers

In order to begin using the "Transfer Money" service through our Bill Pay system, please click the "Bill Pay" tab inside of online banking and visit the "Transfer Money" menu.  You will need to add the external accounts you use at other financial institutions. With External Transfers-In (Transferring from another institution to CFCU), there is a level of security to validate the ACH transaction. You will need to complete the following steps prior to using the Transfer Money service:

  • Upon adding your account, our Bill Pay service will make 2 test deposits and 1 test withdrawal into the account you are adding within 2 business days.
  • You will need to look at the transaction history of the account you are attempting to add to identify the amounts of those test deposits.
  • Revisit the Transfer Money area of Bill Pay and select the "Verify Account" prompt at the top of the page and enter the 2 test deposit amounts.

Now you're ready to start making transfers! Of course, if you have questions please contact us at or by phone at 586.772.6330.

*NOTE: Using this feature requires enrollment in the Bill Pay service. There is no monthly maintenance charge to members enrolled in Bill Pay who have our E-Checking product. Please click here for additional information on Bill Pay fees.

*Transactions are processed through the ACH Network and post to your account in 1-3 business days. There is a $5.00 per transaction fee for the External Transfer services


Popmoney allows members the freedom to pay others electronically only using the person's cellphone number or email address. The recipient doesn't have to be a CFCU member to receive payments and payments are quick and easy via U@Home Online Banking OR via the CFCU mobile app!

The recipient of the payment will receive a text or email notifying them of the payment. The recipient will be sent to the website to "pickup" the money that was sent by inputting his or her bank account information for deposit. No need to create a special account.

Features & Benefits

  • Set up recurring payments
  • Set up future dated payments
  • Receive automatic deposits (after the first deposit is claimed)
  • Create custom email templates for gifting money
  • Write electronic notes for transactions to keep records
  • Import contacts from popular email services

To send money, simply log in to U@Home, click on "Bill Pay" and look for Popmoney. Simply enter the recipient's email address, mobile phone number or bank account information, how much you'd like to send and when to send it and you're done! Recipients will be notified that the funds are there via a text message or email. It's that easy.

*NOTE: A fee may be charged for each Popmoney transaction. Fees for the transaction are displayed below the amount field.


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Business Online Bill Payment

CFCU is also offers Business Online Bill Payment. Access the service anytime, day or night, from U@Home Online Banking.  Click here for more on Business Bill Pay!


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