Online Bill Payment

You shouldn't have to rely on a stack of sticky notes to remember when to pay your bills. With Christian Financial Credit Union's Online Bill Pay system you can receive convenient bill reminders and pay all of your bills from one secure web site. What could be easier than that? With Online Bill Pay you can:

  • Pay any bill, anytime.
  • Schedule one-time and recurring payments, days, weeks or months in advance.
  • Make same-day payments in a pinch (based on payee availability).
  • Control when and how much you pay.
  • Add a Quick Pay Widget in U@Home Online Banking for fast payments.
  • Be assured that your payments will arrive on time. We guarantee it!*

Why Online Bill Pay?

Your Money Gets There Faster!

On our system, your payments will get to the payee faster! When you schedule a payment, Online Bill Pay will automatically calculate the earliest available payment date based on the payee's processing capabilities. Your payment could be made as soon as today if you're in a pinch**, or tomorrow based on your payee's processing capabilities. (It may take up to four days for some payees to receive payments depending on their processing capabilities.)

With our Online Bill Pay system, if you schedule a payment for tomorrow that is next-day capable, your payee will get paid tomorrow and the money will come out of your CFCU account the day after the payment is made.

Please Note: If your payment goes out as a check, the checks get mailed up to 4 days in advance of the payment date you select in order to ensure your payment arrives on time. This means if there is a chance the check could arrive prior to the date you select and be cashed. For this reason, if your payment goes by check, you should be prepared for the payment to clear your account up to 3 days prior to the date you select.


Our system also provides eBilling. This will allow you to import FULL bills from a list of merchants! You will no longer need to go to external web sites to access your bills!

Quick Pay Widget

With our Online Bill Pay system, you can also add a box to your online banking home page for quick bill payments without needing to launch the full bill payment site! Simply visit the "User Info" menu and check out your available Home Page Boxes.


Need to send money to a friend or family member?  Pay rent to your landlord or roommates? We make it easy - just use Popmoney!  Popmoney is an innovative personal payment service that elminates the hassles of checks and cash. Now, sending and receiving money is just as easy as emailing and texting - no need to create a special account. Popmoney allows CFCU members to send money to anyone they know - you just need to know the email address or mobile phone number of the person you're sending the money to! 

Popmoney features include:

  • Recurring payments. Members can schedule recurring payments to recipients. This is a helpful tool for small business owners looking to set up simple payrolls.
  • Future-dated payments. Members can schedule payments to be made on a future date.
  • Automatic deposit. Popmoney allows recipients to enable to feature to have all future payments from a sender automatically deposited into his or her account.
  • Custom email templates. For senders interested in making their financial gift special - whether for a birthday or other special occasion - senders can use customized email templates to make a special impression.
  • Adding notes to transactions. Users can add notes to transactions for their own records.
  • Import contacts. Import your contacts from hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! to make it quick and easy to send payments.

To send money, simply log in to U@Home, click on "Bill Pay" and look for Popmoney. Simply enter the recipient's email address, mobile phone number or bank account information, how much you'd like to send and when to send it and you're done! Recipients will be notified that the funds are there via a text message or email and can collect it by entering their account info online. It's that easy.

Popmoney can be found under the label "Popmoney" from the Bill Pay Widget or inside of the full bill pay site. A fee may be charged for each Popmoney transaction. Fees for the transaction are displayed below the amount field.

*As long as you schedule the transaction in accordance with Online Bill Pay's guidelines.

**Same day payments can be made for a fee of $9.95. Overnight payments for payees that do not accept electronic payments (paper check payments) can be done for a fee of $14.95.

+Refer to our fee schedule for monthly bill pay fees.

If you wish to enroll in Online Bill Payment, you must enroll through U@Home Online Banking. Simply click on "Bill Pay" on the top menu.

Not enrolled in U@Home Online Banking? Click here to read more about U@Home and enroll!

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Business Online Bill Payment

CFCU is also offers Business Online Bill Payment. Access the service anytime, day or night, from U@Home Online Banking.  Click here for more on Business Bill Pay!


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